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Senitron RFID solutions is the leading software provider of RFID inventory, RFID asset management, real-time RFID tracking (RTLS ), and RFID automation for various verticals, such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, aerospace, and law enforcement, and government.

Senitron’s RFID market leadership is underlined for the following reasons;

  • Most complete & advanced RFID software offerings – Senitron’s RFID inventory, tracking, and automation software offerings are world-renowned for having the most features while being user-friendly, and the most easily deployable solution on the market. 100% compatible with handheld mobile RFID readers, Fixed RFID readers, and RFID Printers.
  • End-to-end solution – Offering organizations end-to-end RFID solutions, which include software, hardware, RFID labels, and professional services.
  • We make RFID easy! Its core philosophy is to make RFID adoption, deployments, and implementation easy and speedy.
  • Customizations are welcome! Recognizing that projects, use-cases, and workflows may vary for some organizations, thus requiring customizations to make the solution fit perfectly.
  • RFID software gives life to all RFID hardware – Senitron’s RFID software solutions work with hardware from any manufacturer such as Zebra, and Impinj, etc.
  • 10+ years of dedicated RFID design and deployment experience, as well as 25+ years of technology offerings.


RFID solutions for today’s leading industries


inventory management RFID -

Retailers worldwide are benefiting from utilizing Senitron’s RFID technology and offerings specifically designed for retailers, giving them the competitive advantage needed to operate more efficiently while having accurate inventory, which leads to better sales.

Once RFID is enabled, everything becomes easy; Doing inventory cycle counts becomes a breeze, where personnel can quickly walk around and wirelessly read inventory from distance with their handheld RFID scanners, at speeds of up to 900 items per second. Once inventory scanning is done, with a simple click the inventory is uploaded to the Senitron cloud dashboard, where the inventory can be compared to the POS or ERP inventory, and then with a simple click, the corrected inventory counts are push back into the POS / ERP.  Finding specific inventory becomes super easy by using the mobile RFID Geiger proximity finder, or the software’s mapping visuals. Transfer’s between retail locations become fast and easy using the transfer-slip modules. Fixed RFID readers auto-detect inventory movement with the retail space, as well as monitor the exists of unauthorized inventory leaving. Real-time alerts and reports.  

Best of all this works with any POS / ERP software, such as Lightspeed POS, NCR Counterpoint, Retail Pro, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Recently, Senitron has partnered with Vend (By Lightspeed), a leading point of sale and retail management service provider and empowered them to wirelessly read up to 10,000 inventory items in 11 Minutes!


inventory RFID system -

Manufactures, warehouses, and distribution centers are prime candidates to benefiting from the benefits of RFID. Typically the larger the scale of the organization, the larger the benefits and impact of RFID. Senitron offers traditional hand-held RFID and fixed RFID hands-free RFID, using Senitron’s standard RFID software Athena, or the latest 2020 released ERC solution.

RFID solutions from Senitron have helped businesses track machines and materials and the workforce with ease. The inventory management RFID system has made it easy to address logistics problems that often affect the distribution and manufacturing operations. Whether minimizing the search times or streamlining the assembly line process, Senitron makes it easy with the help of RFID automated inventory solutions.

RFID automated inventory -

Healthcare is another prime example of where RFID automated inventory technology shines. Different uses of RFID inventory solutions include tracking tools in medical equipment manufacturing to enforce regulatory calibration rules, tracking equipment throughout hospitals, pathology slides in labs, and more. New potential uses are regularly discovered. Be it an application to track surgical sponges or increase patient safety, Senitron’s RFID solutions have always got your back. Inventory tracking RFID in the healthcare industry has helped increase inventory accuracy, reduce capital and operational costs, increase staff productivity, and maximize security, regulatory compliance, and utmost security.

inventory tracking RFID -

The Senitron solution tracks all assets RFID, including personnel. Organizations can track personnel for various use cases to track attendance, performance, and efficiency.

RFID asset tracking system -

Greenhouses, growers, cannabis growers, and plant nurseries can save significantly by using RFID mobile scanners, fixed scanner, and autonomous drones to maintain accurate inventory, location info, growth status, and other RFID automation benefits made possible with RFID technology.

RFID asset tracking system -

Enterprise Labor Control (ELC) is a cutting-edge RFID Real-Time Labor Tracking System. ELC will help you optimize your workforce resources, reduce financial losses, and improve overall production efficiency.


inventory tracking RFID -

Enterprise Resource Control (ERC) is a revolutionary system specifically designed for manufacturing and warehousingto take control of inventory accuracy and all aspects of operations.


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