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Senitron RFID Solutions is an end-to-end RFID provider for retail, manufacturing & warehousing, health care, personnel tracking, and more. The inventory RFID system from Senitron has become extremely popular among different types of businesses, and the solutions are tailored to match the exact requirements of the customers. Design expertise, experience, and flexible manufacturing processes have helped Senitron resolve complex and differentiated RFID problems. We at Senitron also scrutinize and comprehend the requirements of our esteemed clients in order to optimize better RFID inventory solutions and also to deliver cost-efficient as well as off-the-shelf offerings.

• Best RFID automated inventory software in the industry designed to help our clients to overcome problems related to tracking, security, and authentication. • Save 300% on start-up costs by using Senitron hardware inventory tracking RFID solutions from experts in manufacturing, quality as well as product development. Learn More About Senitron

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Manufactures, warehouses, and distribution centers, are prime candidates to benefiting from the benefits of RFID. Typically the larger the scale of the organization the larger the benefits and impact of RFID.  Senitron offers traditional hand-held RFID, as well as fixed RFID hands-free RFID, using Senitron’s standard RFID software Athena, or the latest 2020 released ERC solution. 

RFID solutions from Senitron have helped businesses to track machines and materials as well as the workforce with ease. The inventory management RFID system has made it easy to address logistics problems that often affect the distribution and manufacturing operations. Whether minimizing the search times or streamlining the assembly line process, Senitron makes it easy with the help of RFID automated inventory solutions.

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Personnel Tracking

The Senitron solution tracks all assets RFID, including personnel. Organizations can track personnel for various use cases to track attendance, performance, and efficiency.

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RFID Inventory Plant Nurseries + Autonomous Drones

Plant Nurseries can save thousands of labor and working hours by employing Senitron’s RFID automated solution for inventory management and RFID asset tracking system, coupled with Commercial Grade Autonomous Drones equipped with Senitron RFID hardware.

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