About Senitron – One of the Leading RFID Software Companies

Senitron helps companies deploy RFID technologies that improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs. We support small- to medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and healthcare organizations through the selection, deployment, maintenance, and servicing of technology products that capture, manage, and integrate business, personal, or product data.

Senitron was established in 2012 with the goal of making Hand-held RFID and ‘hands-free RFID’ inventory, asset tracking, and automation a reality for the masses, to ultimately improve operational productivity, labor savings, customer loyalty and satisfaction, sales opportunities, operational cost reduction, and efficiency.

End-to-End Solution

Unlike most other companies, Senitron offers the end-to-end solution in one-place. Senitron manufactures the full solution, software, hardware, accessories and more.

Senitron’s Competitive Advantage

  • Since we manufacture our own hardware, it is offered to clients 300% below market value when compared to other main brands, such as Impinj, Alien, or Zebra, which translates to huge savings.
  • We manufacture and develop our own software, which has been 7 years in the making, and is being used in many medium size and fortune 500 organizations. This translates to a better overall solution, integration, and harmony between our hardware and software, as well as cost savings for clients.
  • Your organization will work with a single source at Senitron to coordinate your total solution, saving you time and money.
  • Senitron Project Managers average over 10 years of RFID expertise. We understand the importance of deploying the right technology for your specific business needs.
  • We take your business challenges seriously and gather the research to provide manufacturer agnostic recommendations that will help you accomplish your goals in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Our commitment to your satisfaction and continued support is unparalleled in the industry


In early 2013, Senitron was awarded its first pilot project at one of American Apparel’s busiest high-density apparel retail stores in Los Angeles California. American Apparel, a nationwide apparel chain-store, was already familiar and utilizing hand-held RFID technology in all of its locations, and realized the possibilities of reducing labor costs of performing inventory using hands-free RFID technology. The pilot deployment and result were significantly successful, which led to publicity, and a wakeup call to the RFID industry. It also prompted an immediate contract to roll-out the Senitron hands-free solution to fifty locations. Senitron’s expertise in RFID hardware, installation methods, and software were the reason for Senitron’s success.

For the first few years, Senitron deployed RFID hardware from other manufacturers, and quickly realized the biggest hurdle in making hands-free RFID a reality for the masses is the startup cost associated with the hardware, as well as the user-friendliness of the hardware. After many years of deploying hardware from other suppliers, Senitron learned about the flaws and short-comings of other manufactures RFID hardware and created the perfect RFID hardware which could be used by the masses, for many various use-cases at affordable prices. To put things in perspective, by manufacturing Senitron RFID hardware, Senitron has been able to reduce the startup cost for hands-free RFID hardware by 80%.

The next challenge Senitron addressed was the creation of the perfect RFID asset tracking software. After many years of producing various iterations of RFID tracking software, for various clients and projects, Senitron’s team developed an all-in-one, cloud-based, scalable solution to cater to all the various use-cases of RFID, such as retail, warehousing, manufacturing, personnel tracking, and healthcare. Today’s Senitron Cloud-RFID platform is hailed as being one of the most user-friendly, feature-rich, and intuitive platforms to date. The Senitron cloud-platform eliminates the need for various RFID software programs to enable an organization to-go-live with RFID, by providing all the needed facilities to print and encode RFID tags, integrate into external systems, track various assets, customizable rules, and alerts, and manage the RFID hardware all from the same user-friendly dashboard.

Since inception, Senitron has successfully completed many RFID projects for companies large and small. One of the larger projects dealing with a well-known fortune 500 company is the project deployments for Intuitive Surgical in San Jose California, where Senitron deployed its hands-free solution in their 200,000 sqft warehouse, enabling asset tracking with great granularity down to specific aisles, shelves, and shelf-levels.

Today Senitron, provides solutions to stabilize today’s complex software and control challenges by focusing on customers’ business requirements. Senitron is a seasoned, well-known RFID solution provider, where it differentiates itself from the rest of the pack by producing its own RFID hardware and software, maintaining several valuable patents, and expanding by integrating to many other existing software platforms, such as SAP, Retail Pro POS software, Lightspeed POS software, and many others.