Frequently Asked Questions

Senitron® is founded on the belief that ‘hands-free’ merchandise and asset counts and locations within any environment promotes operation productivity, labor savings, customer loyalty and satisfaction, increases in sales opportunities, and overall operations cost reductions and efficiency.

What is the Senitron Solution?

Implementing the Senitron® Solution provides for merchandise or asset inventory tracking  and reporting, real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The benefits include accuracy, efficiency, availability of inventory, and increased sales and profitability.

How long does it take to install?

The actual installation varies based on project type and size. For example a typical 3000 sqft retail store may take between 1 to 3 evenings to install.

Is it easy to use?

Less than 1 hour of training is required to operate the User Interface. Generally, the Senitron User Interface is easier and more intuitive than using your cellphone.

Do I have to already be using RFID?

No. If you don’t already have items in your location tagged with RFID equipped labels, Senitron® will assist you in creating a tagged inventory. If you already use RFID in part or all of your location operations, we will assist you in conversion to 100% real-time, automated hands-free visibility.


Is it accurate, and how long does it take to read?

From a cold start, in the dense item tag environment in most locations, the Senitron® Solution will reach 90% of the tags in the first hour, and 97% in the first 6 hours, without any assistance from store employees. Once the inventory is completely read, variances are seen almost instantaneously. The system reports changes to overall inventory levels and locations every 1 minute, while accuracy levels can exceed 99%.

Is it safe?

The Senitron® Solution utilizes Senitron manufactured commercial RFID readers, operating in strict compliance with FCC guidelines. These guidelines ensure that the RF exposure levels while the system is operating are completely safe.

Will it work with my ERP system? With my POS system?

The Senitron® Solution is an information system based on open standard open API interface, and can integrate with any ERP or POS system. If necessary, the Senitron Solution can operate independently and as a stand-alone system. For additional information submit an inquiry to