Solution Overview

Senitron has the necessary software and hardware to deliver a perfect RFID solution for personnel tracking for any organization.  An example use case of how our solution can be used is to track security guard personnel by assisting the guards and management with their daily duties, enhancing guard performances, and accurate security checks. RFID personnel tracking offered by Senitron also promotes the safety of personnel by tracking the pinpoint location of employees and other personnel and offering immediate response as well as protection, especially during any emergency.

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Senitron’s primary, world-renowned RFID personnel tracking software is called Athena, capable of doing everything RFID.  Most significantly, Athena’s primary purpose, capability, and function is to track and display RFID tagged assets, which could be RFID badged personnel, RFID tagged assets or zones, or RFID tagged inventory.  All of these are presented beautifully on the Athena “customizable” software dashboard for management to review and access.It is an advanced integrated tracking system that can easily monitor personnel in real-time and thus improves the overall safety of the workplace; it helps to achieve maximum productivity, and does all this while tracking attendance and time. The software Senitron uses is versatile as well as robust, and it can be optimized to meet the requirements of any industry or business.

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The best part of using Senitron, and specifically Athena, is that the software UI, logic, workflow, reports, and automated alert are customizable according to the organization’s requirements and specifications, enabling organizations to easily adopt RFID technology, knowing there will be minimal disturbances to their existing normal workflow procedures. Therefore the software works on its own without disturbing workflow or interfering in the activities of the personnel while on the floor.

Personnel Tracking
Management can view the details of the last known position of assets and the trail of historical movements. This saves time and increases the response rate in the workplace.

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Senitron’s Athena software is equally capable of accommodating projects with hand-held RFID readers or hands-free RFID readers. Such a use can be accommodated in two scenarios with hands-free RFID hardware, hand-held RFID hardware, or a hybrid solution of both. Senitron also carries a wide range of hardware for global as well as different industrial needs.

Scenario 1 Hand-Held RFID
RFID Tags can be applied to various courthouse areas, and each officer can be equipped with a hand-held RFID reader. As each officer reaches a checkpoint, they can scan in the fixed RFID tag using RFID personnel tracking, which will send the officer's last position to the Athena dashboard. This enables management to locate the exact location of personnel.

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Scenario 2 Hands-Free RFID
Personnel can start wearing RFID badges, and at various checkpoints, we can have ceiling or wall-mounted permanent RFID readers, which will automatically log and stream data into the Athena platform automatically. This is also one of the most popular and useful ways of having RFID personnel tracking that is customizable and appropriate for different businesses from a wide variety of industries.

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“Senitron’s Athena Platform makes RFID as Easy”
Here’s how RFID can be injected into most organizations current workflow

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Senitron can accommodate specific customizations to produce custom reports or alerts.

Example of Custom Reports for this use case

  • Notify management if specific checkpoints have been missed
  • Notify management if there is an unusual amount of delay between going from one checkpoint to another checkpoint.
  • Reports to show the average time it takes to do a full round of checkpoint inspections, for specific routes.
  • Comparison reports showing the current time measurements, past time measurements.
  • The details can also be displayed on each individual’s detail page.

Example of A Custom Report / Screen

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Software versions:  The Athena solution is available in both cloud version and onsite hosted enterprise version.

Access All Location from One Dashboard

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Full List of Athena Software Features

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Inventory & Tracking
RFID personnel tracking software access to real-time inventory, such as asset quantities, current locations, and movement history.

Visual Map View of Assets
In addition to asset quantities and locations, you can also see where the assets are currently located on the floorplan. This helps in locating the asset’s pinpoint location without wasting time and creating the potential of human error in tracking.

Visual Display of Misplaced Items
To help personnel locate and return misplaced or separated items from their groups, the system displays the location of the misplaced items within the location floor plan, as well as their group locations.

Automatic Transfer Slips

If items are moved from one location to another location, the system will auto detect and auto-create transfer slips and move the items to the new location without creating a transfer slip.

Exporting reports is as easy as 123. Custom reports can be accommodating with minimal one-time fees.

The system supports integration with other systems using API calls, CSV exchanges, and any other requested method. Print / Encode RFID Tags
Print or Encode RFID tags on the fly using the Athena dashboard or the organizations’ existing ERP / WHM / POS software.

Multi-User System
Create an unlimited number of users to access the dashboard, with various permission levels.

Fast & Automated Shipment Auditing
Make fast transfer slips using RFID, and when the shipment is received at the destination the system can automatically notify and audit your shipment for missing assets.

Real-Time Alerts
Receive Real-time alerts if unauthorized assets leave the premises, or if they are detected in unauthorized zones.

Web-Based Solution
The dashboard can be accessed via any web-capable device: Tablets, PC’s Macs, iPhones, and Android devices.

Customizable / Expandable
Create and monitor various zones, asset types, and alert types. Expand the system to cover more areas as more RFID hardware is added to monitor more than one location.


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