RFID Gives Your

Super Powers!

RFID Gives Your

Super Powers!


  • Super-Fast & Accurate Inventory with RFID technology! Wirelessly read up to 10,000 inventory items in 11 Minutes!
  • Locate inventory quickly! By looking on the software map or using the hand-held RFID Geiger proximity finder.
  • RFID Transfer-Slips! Quickly scan-in 100s of inventory items and transfer them to another location.
  • Theft & Unauthorized Alerts! SMS, email, audio alert if someone walks out with unauthorized inventory.

The Senitron RFID inventory solution works seamlessly to allow Retail Pro users to start printing RFID labels right away and from that point on enables using a mobile Handheld RFID scanner to perform inventory cycle counts 2800% faster than any other method. Upon finishing the RFID cycle count users can push the inventory counts, and with a simple click of a button, back into Retail Pro to correct its inventory counts.

How does RFID work?

The magic of RFID starts with the labels (”RFID” “Radio Frequency Identification”). On the surface the labels look and feel like normal labels, but inside there is a super small RFID chip that can be read wirelessly with RFID readers from distances of up to 60 feet.

The best part about using RFID technology is that you don’t have to change any of your existing processes. You can continue to print labels out of Retail Pro POS as you do now, and the newly printed inventory labels are now RFID labels.

Simply replace your non-RFID labels and printer with RFID labels and printer, and you are ready for the magic of RFID.

RFID Benefits

Super-Fast & Accurate Inventory

Once you switch to RFID, doing inventory becomes easy. You no longer have to shut down and get a crew of 10 people to do inventory; instead, do inventory as often as desired. Click the Start button, and scan in your inventory wirelessly with your mobile handheld RFID scanner for 30 minutes to a few hours. Then, push a button to upload to your Senitron RFID inventory dashboard, compare, inspect, and address any discrepancies, and with a push of a button push your inventory into Retail Pro POS to correct Retail Pro’s quantities.

Quickly Locate Specific Inventory

With RFID technology is becomes super easy and fast to find any inventory item. You can find an item wirelessly using the handheld RFID scanner Geiger / proximity finder or look on the cloud dashboard map.

RFID Transfer-Slips

Creating transfer-slips between locations in Retail Pro POS is now made super easy and fast with RFID technology. Simply scan-in inventory wirelessly with your mobile handheld RFID scanner, select the destination location and submit. Senitron’s RFID software automatically creates the transfer-slip for you in Retail Pro POS and allows you to print a transfer packing-list. In the destination location, the receiver uses a mobile handheld RFID scanner to pull up the transfer slip, and within seconds receives and validates the received goods, quickly highlights any missing items, and emails management if anything is missing. (Available in standard edition)

Theft / Unauthorized Alerts!

The Senitron RFID solution is 100% compatible with Fixed RFID readers; you can install Fixed RFID readers at entrance / exit points to monitor incoming and outgoing inventory, and additionally receive SMS / Email / Audio alerts if inventory leaves the premises that should not have. (For example, if an item is sold on the POS, it would be white listed to not set off an alert.) (Available in standard edition).

Hands-Free Inventory & Movement Detection & Logging

Fixed RFID readers can be deployed in various areas, and especially choke points to automatically detect, track, and log inventory locations. For example, in a retail or warehouse use case, the system would automatically know if the items were in the backstock or the sales floor, or warehouse 1 or warehouse 2. Additionally Fixed RFID readers can be installed in various areas, to repeatedly read inventory real-time all the time, and log asset movement. e.g., log “movement sales floor > backstock 2/1/2021 5:25pm” (Available in standard edition).

RFID labeling made easy!

“We make RFID Printing and labeling you inventory easy”

Once you receive your RFID hardware, and labels, we schedule a 1–2-hour session with you, and give you access to the software, configure & test & validate your RFID printing, and give the green light to start printing RFID labels for your existing inventory, as well as new inventory. Of course, our solution supports multiple methods of printing RFID labels, such as printing labels directly from Retail Pro, or the Senitron dashboard, bulk printing, or the mobile hand-held scan-to-print module.

Scan & Print

RFID label the existing inventory quickly by barcode scanning in the barcode on any inventory item. Instantly an RFID equivalent of the label prints out, and you apply it over the existing non-RFID label.

All supported RFID Printing Methods:

  • Directly inside Retail Pro (Windows OS)
  • Senitron RFID Inventory Web Dashboard
  • Bulk Print (Senitron Dashboard)
  • Scan & Print Using Mobile Hand-held

Why Senitron RFID?

#1 Senitron is the only RFID solution certified for Retail Pro POS
#2 Senitron makes RFID easy to use and deploy
#3 Senitron’s solution is the most feature rich while most cost effect solution in the market
#4 Don’t take our word for it, ask our existing client references.