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RFID Basics 101

15 11, 2017

Senitron’s RFID Solution Brief Summary


How do assets/inventory enter the Senitron RFID tracking platform software? One of the first steps to going RFID is to start using and printing RFID product labels, instead of [...]

Senitron’s RFID Solution Brief Summary2020-09-24T15:27:30+00:00
2 11, 2017

Understanding RFID Technology and Facts


  The field of view is 59 degrees, similar to a flashlight, and similar to the shape of a cone. The closer RFID tags are to the antenna the [...]

Understanding RFID Technology and Facts2019-01-23T10:12:57+00:00
23 10, 2017

Senitron RFID Inventory Software Basics


The Senitron RFID software and solution is powerful with many benefits and features. One of which is to assist in the process of doing inventory counts.  Knowing and understanding how [...]

Senitron RFID Inventory Software Basics2019-01-23T10:12:57+00:00
23 10, 2017

Inventory In Less Than 1 Hour with RFID


To put things into perspective and to realize the power of using RFID technology to do a 100% complete inventory of a location, consider this, traditionally one would have to [...]

Inventory In Less Than 1 Hour with RFID2019-01-23T10:12:57+00:00