Healthcare facilities and hospitals are under a great deal of pressure with the continuing increase in patients and the need for additional staff; administration and staff levels increase each year. All of this movement and activity also increases the need to improve hospital asset and patient tracking.

There are a myriad of data capture processes available to hospitals but they are unfortunately manual, making them vulnerable to errors causing serious complications for patients. But the advent of RFID technology for hospital assets as well as hospital patient tracking can make things easier.  A sure-fire way to alleviate some pressure for various departments, RFID in hospitals makes life easier for everyone.

Advantages of RFID in Healthcare

  • Eliminates activities that waste time
  • Provides for increased safety and better patient care
  • Enhanced inventory control
  • Real-time information on patients and assets

RFID Hospital Patient Tracking

Healthcare facilities can benefit greatly from the use of RFID healthcare systems. Patient tracking and RFID hospital asset tracking help to manage the workflow in an exceptionally efficient way. The system ensures that every patient is monitored thoroughly around the clock  while at the facility. This also ensures a sense of security and comfort as well. An RFID hospital asset tracking system also makes it easier for healthcare providers to check on the patients who need intensive care and attention. RFID-enabled armbands or other gadgets can easily be tracked with the help of sensors.

Patient Monitoring and Tracking

An RFID hospital patient tracking mechanism enables a continuous monitoring status of the patient and the assets allocated to them in the hospital. The system also ensures that the patient’s exact location is available in the central repository for easy access for the hospital administration. This system provides authority to take essential actions when needed to better utilize the various resources available in the hospital.  The technology can also be used to offer a smooth experience to other patients as well in the future.

Smooth Asset Tracking

In a fast-paced environment where life-threatening emergencies are a daily occurrence, it  becomes extremely crucial to locate all medical assets and apparatuses in  the event of an emergency.  One study found that medical staff members can spend 72 minutes each day searching for medical assets. Aside from that time commitment, the process of tracking the location manually is labor intensive, expensive, and could endanger the lives of patients.

By using RFID hospital asset tracking, and tagging all essential medical assets as well as devices, healthcare experts can easily track the location, ask for movements and look after the maintenance requirements. This enhances the visibility as well as maintenance of the devices and assets. The greatest benefit? Medical staff have quick access to the medical assets whenever needed to save someone’s life.

Inventory Control

Studies show that hospitals are a large source of waste in the countries in which they are located. RFID hospital inventory management systems can improve the accuracy of medical inventory and reduce waste and the number of discards that occur.

RFID healthcare technology provides real-time traceability of each pallet of medication or blood sample in the hospital. Medical staff can easily and precisely take regular inventory and know there will be visibility and transparency of the medical supplies they carry with them.

Every Second Matters

Everyone who works in healthcare understands the value of time.  Through the judicious use of time, healthcare workers can expand the definition of patient care and support patients before further problems develop. 

The medical supply chain is extremely important when it comes to hospitals. The use of RFID hospital inventory management ensures smooth management of the inventories and saves time and manpower. It also enables the medical staff to:

  • Efficiently manage expired or recalled products
  • Remotely monitor temperature
  • Protect critical inventory through secure access

Our conclusion? It’s high time to uplift the standards of patient care and inventory asset management in healthcare facilities. Get in touch with us to learn more about  RFID hospital inventory management and patient tracking systems for healthcare facilities and  hospitals.

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