Since the Senitron system knows what inventory is in the store and where the inventory is located, it can monitor and notify store staff, management, and headquarters of many important concerns.

Automated Replenishment Alerts 
The Senitron system knows which products are in the stock room and what is currently present on the sales floor. It can then notify your store staff to restock any missing items, including items of a particular size or color.

Misplaced Items Alerts
Usually, the same product types are kept and displayed in the same area on the sales floor. When the Senitron system detects a misplaced item, it notifies personnel of the location of the misplaced item and requests them to return the item back to its correct group location. Once the item is returned to its group location, the alert auto resolves.

Missing Items Alerts 
The Senitron system monitors and expects all items to transmit their presence continuously. If an item, or group of items, stops transmitting its presence to the Senitron system, the system will notify personnel which specific items, and/or group of items have gone missing. This is an indication of theft or other concerns. The benefit of this notification is that management can pinpoint exactly when and where the item went missing, allowing them to narrow down and hone in on the issue using surveillance video and other tools.

The Senitron solution includes powerful API features which provide the foundation to develop new innovative marketing tools and applications, such as mobile apps which can provide the following suggested features:

Quick Find
Using this feature, clients can quickly see where they are in the store, and locate items on the “Digital Floor Plan”.

Intelligent Recommended Items
Based on the client’s purchase history of size, color, and style, the Mobile App can notify the client of various products that match the client’s patterns of past purchases.

Intelligent Recommendations on the Go
The client can be notified of potential desired items which are in stores within a 1-mile radius. If, for example, a client is in a bookstore and an item is out of stock, the client can receive a notification that a store across town has recommended items which match your preferences.

In-Store Coupons
This entices clients to use the app and leave it active by offering coupons to clients while inside or outside of the store.

Visual Search Interface
Personnel can quickly find and locate items in a store by accessing the user-friendly “Digital Floor Plan” search module. Items are located, and circles are overlaid to reflect the location of the items.

Visual Display of Misplaced Items
To help personnel locate and return misplaced or separated items from their groups, the system displays the location of the misplaced items within the store floor plan, as well as their group locations.

Item Movement Tracking & Advanced Analytics
This feature is useful in allowing advanced analytics to process and answer important questions such as:

“what products were tried on the most and either purchased or have not been purchased?”
“are products merchandised in a certain area of the sales floor performing better than other areas?”
“which items reflected the highest interest but least amount of sales?”

Improve store security by using the Senitron Solution.  As unpurchased items are detected close to exit points, personnel will be notified. The Senitron Solution can also supplement store exit points with messaging monitors to further discourage potential shoplifters.

An example of a message that can be displayed to existing customer with unpurchased items can be:

“ALERT! Unpurchased Item Detected. Please Return to Register”

The Senitron Solution provides live RFID inventory visibility which is a necessary foundation to support the omni-channel sales initiatives required by today’s modern retailers. This includes data such as available inventory and product location by store. This provides significant customer confidence that the desired product is actually available, with information regarding the product’s location in the store, resulting in increased in-store sales.

Other Senitron Solution features include:

Personnel Tracking
Store staff can use RFID enabled wristbands or ID badges that can be tracked to record attendance and fire alerts to notify management of potential concerns. For example, alerts can be triggered if an employee is spending too much time in the break room, leaves the premises too often or for too long, or enters a restricted area.

Furniture & Asset Tracking
Items such as furniture, equipment and valuables can also be RFID tagged and elected to be tracked by the Senitron system. This information can then be used to create visual representations over the “Digital Floor Plan”, or to trigger various custom alerts.


Many of the Senitron Solution features require integration with existing Point of Sales Software, such as Retail Pro or other supported systems. Custom integration services are available to integrate the Senitron Solution to most open API point of sale systems. For further information to your Point of Sale system, contact one of our representatives.

The Accuracy of the Senitron Solution is 100% as long as (1) good quality RFID tags are used (as poor quality tags will affect the performance of the system),  (2) tagged items are not hidden underneath metallic objects,  (3) metallic objects are tagged with special metallic purpose RFID tags, (3) the environment is not polluted by other 915mhz transmitting devices, and (4) enough RFID readers are present to cover the specific areas of the store.