RFID Cracks the Nut for Efficiency, Visibility
California nut product manufacturer American Nuts, one of the largest nut processors in North America, has deployed an RFID system to boost its inventory visibility and tracking capability, as well as its production and shipping of finished goods at its two manufacturing sites. The firm is using the system to track the receipt of raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit through storage, the production of snack mixes and other products, quality assurance and shipping. Learn how RFID has improved on-hand inventory visibility and is also providing better management of production, procurement, quality assurance and recalls.
Speaker: Nate Willits, Chief Financial Officer, American Nuts




Nate Willits, Chief Financial Officer, American Nuts

Nate Willits is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, entertainment, technology, and consulting. Currently, Nate operates as Chief Financial Officer of American Nuts, LLC and he has held senior finance and operations leadership roles at hyper-growth manufacturing companies, top-tier entertainment companies and consulting firms.