Plant nurseries can benefit significantly from implementing RFID technology to revolutionize their tracking and inventory operations. Our RFID solution showcases the power of advanced technology in offering superior product traceability, inventory management, and visibility for tracking plants across your nursery. These advancements are pivotal for optimizing supply chains and boosting operational metrics.

RFID Plant Nursery Tracking Overview

Our approach involves integrating RFID technology into nursery environments with minimal disruption to daily operations. The flexibility of RFID tracking accommodates the growth journey of plants, from initial potting to final shipping, by enabling detailed tracking of each plant as either individual items or in lots. This is accomplished through the strategic placement of RFID tags on each plant and utilizing autonomous drones alongside hand-held RFID readers for comprehensive tracking.

Comprehensive RFID Solution

Our solution encompasses a core software application equipped with autonomous drones featuring RFID hardware, hand-held RFID readers, and extensive customization options to meet your nursery’s unique needs. The application, hosted in the cloud, facilitates easy scalability and access from anywhere via an online dashboard. It is designed to function either as a standalone system or integrate seamlessly with existing platforms like Oracle and SAP.

Key features of our RFID system include:

  • Tagging: Create and apply RFID tags for plant tracking both indoors and outdoors.
  • Data Importation: Seamlessly pull data from your existing systems to enhance tag information.
  • Detailed Tracking: Access critical data on each tagged plant, including item number, lot number, and precise location, displayed visually on a map.

Indoor – Tagged Inventory Read by Hand-Held RFID Readers

Software Capabilities 

Our RFID software is designed to provide real-time inventory visibility, a visual search interface for quick item location, display of misplaced items for easy correction, tracking of item movements, real-time alerts for security, and comprehensive reporting features. It supports multi-user access with varying permission levels and simplifies the printing and encoding of RFID tags directly from the dashboard.

Hardware Components

The proposed hardware setup includes:

  • Autonomous drones equipped with RFID readers and antennas
  • Hand-held RFID readers
  • RFID tag printers and encoding stations
  • Necessary mounting and installation hardware

Scope of Work

Our team is responsible for the procurement, configuration, and installation of all required hardware, software, and training. This includes setting up the RFID infrastructure, integrating with your existing systems, and ensuring your team is fully equipped to leverage the technology.

Customized Implementation

We tailor the RFID system configuration to align with your nursery’s specific layout and workflows, ensuring a smooth integration into your operational processes. This includes everything from initial tagging of inventory to the detailed tracking of plants, both indoors and outdoors, using both drones and hand-held readers.

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