Solutions for today’s leading industries

RFID Solution for the Retail Industry


Senitron has successfully rolled out its Hands-Free RFID solution to major chain retail stores such as American Apparel, proving that Full-Time Hands-Free inventory is now a cost-effective reality, in high density, dynamic, high traffic retail environments.

RFID Solution for Warehouse & Distribution industry

Warehouse & Disribution

Senitron has deployed its Hands-Free RFID inventory / asset tracking solution to warehouse environments, providing live visibility and location data specific to the aisle, shelf, and shelf level locations. With the touch of a button, personnel and management can easily and quickly find any item within any size facility.

RFID Solution for the Industrial and Manufacturing Industry

Industrial & Manufacturing

In Manufacturing and Industrial applications, our clients can benefit from the Senitron Hands-Free RFID Solution by increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs. Our engineers specialize in process observation, analysis, and the creation of customized RFID solutions to solve specific needs and work-flow challenges. Our solution will allow the labor force to focus on more important tasks while freeing them from mundane, repetitive, but necessary processes.