RFID Basics Training Videos

The following five RFID videos are very important to be watched and learned by any one interested in RFID inventory, tracking, and automation. The videos cover all the basics of how RFID works, and where it does not work. It sets expectations and clarifies all the little details which a non-rfid-experienced person may or may not ask.   Typically these videos are even more pressing to be watched and learned if you are contemplating a hands-free RFID system.

Introduction to UHF RFID
Part 1 of 5

  •  What is RFID technology?
  •  What is RFID used for?

RFID Labels / Hardware – How does it work?
Part 2 of 5

  • How do RFID labels work? 
  • How does RFID Hardware work?

RFID Performance: Fixed vs. Hand-Held
Part 3 of 5

“Calibrate Your Expectations”

Fixed RFID Readers
Part 4 of 5

Understanding / Performance / Expectations

Methods of Using the RFID System
Part 5 of 5

Doing Inventory – Suggested Workflow Hand-Held RFID / Hybrid

RFID Hardware

Senitron RFID Reader
+ Antenna SA-2000

PDF Spec Sheet

Senitron RFID Reader + Mux
up to 8 Antenna’s

Ceiling Installation PDF