In the Retail industry, as most industries, having accurate inventory knowledge of one’s retail store, is extremely important for the reason that, when a retailer knows the inventory, and replenishes the inventory accordingly, it in turn increases sales. Having the right product, at the right place, at the right time is the key to success.
The challenge of keeping and maintaining inventory has been an ongoing challenge since the beginning of time.  Through the years inventory has evolved from personnel doing manual counts, to personnel walking around doing barcode scans, and most recently in the past decade personnel walking around doing RFID scans, because it was deemed to be faster and more efficient than doing barcode scans.  Although the methods and tools of doing inventory evolved, two major problems where never solved.

  •  The first problem, is that doing inventory requires personnel to perform the inventories, which translates to an never-ending, ongoing labor expense to perform inventory, which can become very costly.  
  • The second problem is that inventory accuracy can quickly become inaccurate because of many factors in a busy retail environment, which means the inventory accuracy will only remain accurate if the inventory process is repeated as often as possible. Hence why retailer’s like American Apparel were accustomed to doing inventory counts twice per week.

This is where Senitron’s Hands-Free RFID Solutions was introduced to save the day. By deploying the easy to install Senitron Manufactured ceiling / wall mountable RFID readers, one can quickly install many units to blanket the entire retail space with stationary, fixed, permanent RFID Readers.  This means, retailers no longer have to rely or waste funds on personal doing inventory counts. Instead the Senitron hardware continuously reads and maintains the inventory in real-time in its retail inventory software 24 hours a day. This also means retailers do not have to worry about repeating the inventory process to maintain accuracy. Again because the Senitron system is continuously reading and recording the inventory in real-time. Although solving the Inventory Accuracy and labor problem was a significant accomplishment, the a benefits didn’t stop there.

Since the Senitron system knows every product is located at all times, it can overlay that information over the retail store digital floor plans. Which can be used by store personal to locate items. For example, a client may come into the retails store and request to see an item which was seen on your website. Personnel can enter the item number on the Senitron interface to quickly see where the item is located in the retail space. The Senitron solution takes advantage of the real-time data, by monitoring and triggering real-time alerts, such as Automated Replenishment alerts. Since the Senitron system knows and sees what products are on the sales floor, and back stock, all at the same time, it can trigger real-time replenishment alerts. Say for example a client purchases the last black pant on the sales floor. The Senitron system knows and sees that there is one more of that pant in the back stock, it then generates an alert so that the store personnel can restock that item to the sales floor. And of course the alert automatically clears itself once the action has been completed. 

The Theft / Missing products alerts feature – which will give retailers the exact time and location products went missing. Coupled with surveillance footage, responsible parties can quickly be identified.
The Miss-Placed Alerts feature–will automatically inform personnel if an item has been separated from its group, and show personnel where the item must be returned to.

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