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Senitron’s Athena platform is an all-in-one RFID software solution for printing, encoding, tracking, inventorying, and automating RFID assets through organizations. It drives real-time access to the information such inventory, asset location, and automation through hand-held and hands-free RFID readers. Designed on a scalable platform, the Athena solution integrates into a variety of host systems and works with the latest hardware technologies. Athena has powered innovative solutions in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and retail.

ATHENA Senitron’s RFID Asset Tracking, Inventory, and Automation Software Retail , Warehouse & Distribution , Industrial & Manufacturing , Personnel Tracking 2

Software Features

Inventory & Tracking
Real-time inventory quantities, current location, and movement history.
Print RFID Tags
Using the Senitron dashboard, or via Senitron’s plug-in which enables the any existing software to print RFID tags.
Visual Map View of Assets
See where the assets are located on the floorplan. (Easy 5-minute map setup!)
Encode RFID
Tags Encode RFID tags on an encoder pad, using the Senitron dashboard.
Visual Display of Misplaced Items
Senitron auto detects misplaced items, it shows you where they are, and where they need to be returned to.
Multi-User System
Create user roles, and provide access to specific pages and functions.
RFID Transfer Slips / Automatic Receiving
Become 400% more efficient by doing RFID transfer-slips. As shipments come in, they will be auto received and audited.
Automatic Transfer Slips
If assets are moved to another location without a transfer slip, the system auto detects the transfer and auto creates a slip.
Theft / Unauthorized Alerts
Assets which have not been sold, transferred-out, or white-listed, can set off an audio, SMS or email alert.

Access the inventory of all of your organization locations from the same dashboard.

Unauthorized Zone
Assets / Personnel detected in unauthorized zones can set off alerts.

Send-To Hand-Held & Geiger
With a push of a button on the dashboard, you can send an item, or group of items to a hand-held RFID reader, so you can Geiger for them.

Automated Replenishment Alerts
Set the expected quantities, and receive real-time replenishment alerts.

Compare Inventory
Quickly see the details of the inventory discrepancies between your ERP, WHM, or POS, in comparison to the RFID inventory.

Many existing reports are available, and custom reports are accommodated quickly.

Cloud / Local Server
The solution is available on the cloud, and it is also available to be hosted locally.

Integrates easily with other software using API’s, and CSV files.

RFID Reader Management
Find, Configure, and launch your RFID readers from the cloud dashboard. Monitors and warns you if any reader goes offline.

Catalog Sync App
Auto syncs catalog data from any external software with the Senitron software.


RFID Assistant App & Transfer-Slip App
This app allows you to practically use the Senitron solution with any software, without the need of integration




User can search the inventory by entering a part #, item#, sku#, name, description, or they can simply browse and filter by zone, category and more. Various inventory screens will allow the user to drill in deeper to see more data about a single asset or a group of assets.

On-Hand Quantity View

Asset Group Detail View

Specific Asset Detail View with History

Print / Encode RFID Tags

“Unlike most other solutions, you don’t need to use a 3rd party label printing software.” You can Print or Encode RFID tags on the fly using the Athena dashboard, or via your organizations existing ERP / WHM / POS software.

Option 1 – Print RFID Labels from the Senitron Cloud Dashboard

Print RFID tags, by entering an item number and clicking the print button

Option 2 – Print RFID Labels from your existing Organization Software

Senitron will install its propriety RFID printer software on your computer, which will enable your existing ERP, WHM, or POS software to print RFID labels.  The example below is Lightspeed POS. Other clients are using it with Retail Pro, SAP, Oracle, Counter Point.

Option 3 – Encode Tags for Hands-Free RFID Tracking

Place one or more RFID tags on the RFID encoder pad, enter the item number and click Encode.

RFID Transfer Slip + Automatic Transfer Slips 

Creating transfer-slips with RFID will improve speed and efficiency by 400%. And on the receiving end, receiving and auditing incoming shipments will see a 400% improvement in speed and efficiency.  Forgot to create a transfer slip? not to worry, the system will auto detect and auto create transfer slips and move the items to the new location.

Option 1 – Create RFID transfer slips directly from the Senitron RFID dashboard Using Fixed RFID

Option C – Organizations / other Software vendors, can do a more in-debt integration with Senitron, by adding an RFID scan button into their app. Senitron will provide the specifications and API documents and support to the software vendor integration team. For example Retail Pro POS, software had direct integration with Senitron. Thus on all the screens such as sales screens, transfer slip screens, etc, there is an Senitron RFID scan button. When pushed the RFID data is read directly into Retail Pro. Once committed, the transfer slip data is committed via API to Senitron’s software.

Option 2 – Create RFID transfer slips using Senitron’s Windows / Mac OSx Desktop Application

Optional: Organizations that have an existing software, such as SAP, Oracle, WHM, ERP, or POS software can take advantage of the “Push To POS / ERP” button, which targets and populates the transfer-slip screen on the organizations other exist software (example SAP).  This way both Senitron and the organization software will have the transfer-slip data.  Alternatively the transfer slip data can be communicate to the other systems via API’s or CSV exports.

Automated Shipment Receiving Auditing

As if RFID transfer slips aren’t cool enough, Senitron’s technology makes everything even cooler when the delivery truck brings the merchandise to the location which was meant to receive the shipment.   As soon as even one item from the shipment is received the shipment voucher is marked as received in Senitron, and as every item is seen by the RFID readers, they are automatically marked to received.  If in four hours of delivery all the items in the shipment are not visible and not received store management will get an email alert to address or report the issue. If in 24 hours all items are not received or addressed, headquarters will receive an email alert that the store is not following protocol.

Real-Time Unauthorized Alerts 

Receive Realtime alerts if unauthorized assets leave the premises, or if they are detected in unauthorized zones, via audio, email, text, or on-screen.

POS Integration & The Senitron POS Assistant App

Senitron’s solution can be used in conjunction with any existing POS system, such as Retail Pro, Lightspeed POS, Counter Point, etc. Depending on how the Senitron software is being utilized, one option is to inform Athena, when an product is sold via an external POS software, for two reasons. (1) the item will be marked Sold in Senitron as well, and removed from the Senitron inventory quantity.  (2) the item will be whitelisted, so that the RFID readers by the exit point do not set off an alert.

Method 1 – Cloud-Dashboard

Assets can be marked to sold/ decommissioned from the Senitron Cloud Dashboard, by personnel with the proper credentials.  The user can scan or select the asset, and click the change status button on the dashboard for that item, and select to “Decommission” the tag.   

Method 2 –Senitron’s Windows Desktop App “POS Assistant”

Assets can be removed / sold via Senitron Windows Desktop App, called POS Assistant. This app usually sits on top of other POS apps, and can be used to quickly mark items to sold status. Additionally this app is capable of populating the POS sales screen at the same time, as it read RFID assets for sale.

Method 3 – Assets can be removed / decommissioned via API from a 3rd Party software, such as a POS software, WHM software, or ERP software. This would entail doing integration work between the two systems. Note, Senitron integration is already available for Lightspeed POS, Retail Pro, and Counterpoint POS.  

Misplaced Items Detection & Visual Display

To help personnel locate and return misplaced or separated items from their groups, the system displays the location of the misplaced items within the location floor plan, as well as their group locations.

Multi-Location / Multi-User Platform
Create any number of users, based on the plan, with various permission levels and grant them access to one or more locations.

Hand-Held RFIDSENITRON RFID HANDHELD READER The Athena platform is 100% compatible with hand-held RFID readers.  Users can scan and upload the inventory directly to the dashboard as often as desired. Important note: Using hand-held RFID is not exclusive, meaning clients may do hybrid solutions, where portions of a location are addressed using hand-held RFID, while other areas are covered with hands-free RFID. In all scenarios it is recommended that hands-free RFID hardware is deployed at the exit points to capture and alert theft (unauthorized removal of an asset from the premise) Hand-held RFID is recommended and suggested in the following scenarios:

  • Assets with small RFID tags (smaller than 2.5×1.5 inches).
  • Assets in areas with without hands-free RFID hardware.
  • Assets in areas with weak hands-free RFID signal due to metal shelving etc.
  • Clients whom simply want to spend less going to RFID technology.


Hands-Free RFID SA-2000The Athena platform is 100% compatible with hands-free RFID readers.  Fixed RFID readers can be deployed to ceilings, walls, shelves, exit points, shipping docks, etc. Once activated, the fixed RFID readers will continue to read and feed the flow of RFID data into Athena. Important note: Using hands-free RFID is not exclusive, meaning clients may do hybrid solutions, where portions of a location are addressed using hand-held RFID, while other areas are covered with hands-free RFID. In all scenarios it is recommended that hands-free RFID hardware is deployed at the exit points to capture and alert theft (unauthorized removal of an asset from the premise) Hands-free RFID is recommended and suggested in the following scenarios:RFID INSTALLATION SPREAD OUT

  • Assets that can use RFID labels with the size of 2.5×1.5 inches and larger.
  • Organization that prefer to have continuous monitoring and tracking of assets.
  • Unlock the many benefits of RFID automation