Understanding RFID and the angle of RFID reads


  • SA-2000The field of view is 59 degrees, similar to a flashlight, and similar to the shape of a cone.
  • The closer RFID tags are to the antenna the more power they absorb, and the better communication they will have with the antenna. Senitron approved tags usually read from 25-35 feet distance.
  • The higher an antenna is installed, the larger of an area it can read. The trade-off is more distance from the RFID tags, which means less power will reach the RFID tag, decreasing reading efficiency.
  • An RFID reader and antenna can read hundreds of tags per second. 
  • RFID reading efficiency is maximized if RFID tags are not blocked by metals, liquids, carbon, or thick materials which can prohibit the penetration of RF signals. In such cases, it is recommended to supplement the solution with a hand-RFID scanner, to read the hard to reach areas. 
  • At any time, clients can add additional RFID hardware to improve RFID signals in hard to read areas.


Hands-Free RFID hardware can be installed in many various configurations.

Cluster Style

Understanding RFID and the concept of a cluster