Athena SCSM – Sample & Cold-Storage Management – for Labs & Pharmaceuticals

Athena SCSM – (Sample & Cold-Storage Management) – for Labs & Pharmaceuticals

Athena SCSM is an all-in-one solution ready to tackle organization challenges related to sample management, cold-storage capacity management, built-upon the world-renowned Athena RFID inventory / tracking platform. Athena SCSM is effective and seamless for healthcare facilities, laboratories, and pharmaceuticals looking to simplify the management of cold-storage capacity (e.g., freezers) real-estate and sample management.

Management Benefits

  • Visibility – SCSM provides visibly to organization management to realize and control the total number of cold-zones (aka freezers / cold storage rooms / fridges / tanks) as well as the contents and the users of those cold-zones.
  • Accurate Decisions – Management may analyze number of freezers are being utilized, so that decisions can be made as to when to add more freezers, and or when to consolidate freezers so that additional freezers are not required, and or to utilize off-site freezers for long term storage requirements.
  • Fast Inventory – SCSM makes it easy for management to inventory, record, document cold-storages contents and their capacities using tablets and mobile handheld computers with barcode / RFID scanners, and cameras.
  • Automated RFID Tracking – SCSM tracks all items, samples, inventory, assets via fixed RFID readers deployed in various choke points, so that assets are auto tracked and easily found by looking at the asset movement logs, and utilizing the RFID proximity finder.
  • Retrieval Request & Storage Request Management – Organizations can provide additional services to personnel by providing RR/SR services. Where users can do RR requests, and RR personnel can retrieve and deliver the assets to the intended parties, and/or personnel can store samples once users have made a SR request.

Automated Alerts & Tracking – Management can be alerted of based on configurable parameters, such as RFID tracking and assets going into unwanted zones (e.g., exists), as well as alerts if storage durations are past the intended time of the users (eg. samples were supposed to be stored for 6 months and now it has entered 9 months)

User Benefits

  • Storage Location Recommendations – users whom are looking to store samples etc., can quickly use any web capable device to quickly access SCSM to find the nearest cold storages, based on temperature requirements, size requirements, storage duration requirements, and other configurable parameters.
  • Storage Locations – Users can quickly see the list of their assets (e.g., Samples) and their storage locations, as well as last seen / verified time stamps and RFID tracking movement data.
  • Retrieval Request – users can quickly see their stored assets in SCSM and do Retrieval Requests so that their assets (e.g., samples) can be retrieved for them by the organization RR department.

Solution Overview

Step 1 – R&R “register & record” all current cold-storage units and inventory

Users and/or designated personnel can be requested to start the R&R process, which entails labeling each cold-storage unit (e.g., freezer) with a unique identifier number barcode / RFID label, and then recording the contents of each cold-storage unit, as well as vacant / occupied shelves, sample owner name, project name pictures, etc.

  • Overall view of the total number of cold-storage units, broken down by type, along with capacity data.
  • View how many stored samples are past-due of their declared expected storage times.
  • View the total number of pending retrieval requests made by staff, as well as how many are past-due and still waiting, and general stats how often the RR service is being utilized by staff.
  • View the list of registered users, login stats, and users whom have requested an extension on storing samples longer in specific areas.
  • View real-time unauthorized alerts generated today of assets in none-allowed areas and or exists.

Management Executive Dashboard


  • Overall view of the total number of cold-storage units, broken down by type, along with capacity data.
  • View how many stored samples are past-due of their declared expected storage times.
  • View the total number of pending retrieval requests made by staff, as well as how many are past-due and still waiting, and general stats how often the RR service is being utilized by staff.
  • View the list of registered users, login stats, and users whom have requested an extension on storing samples longer in specific areas.
  • View real-time unauthorized alerts generated today of assets in none-allowed areas and or exists.


Step 2 – Self-Service Staff Access and “Storage Request & Retrieval Requests”

SCSM is designed to allow organizations to both utilize dedicate staff to store and put-away samples and retrieve samples and/or to allow users to self-manage storage activities.

User Registration

Users may access SCSM to register and use the system and to track the store their samples etc. or users can be given access using SSO services.

Sample Registration

Users can register samples into SCSM using the web portal or mobile app, and link the sample (or sample container) to an asset tag.

Asset tags can be printed or linked to a pre-fabricated barcode/RFID label.

Cold-Storage Availability Search

Users may install the SCSM app on their mobile phones, (or use tablets or workstations) and access it to search for available and recommended cold-storage locations based on their filter criteria’s.

Check-in Process

Once a desired available cold-storage is displayed, the user can walk over to the storage, inspect it, and put in the sample(s), and use the mobile app to check in the samples into the specific cold-storage shelf.

Check-in is done by scanning in the cold-storage asset tag barcode, the sample (or sample container) asset tag, inputting basic information, taking a photo, and clicking the check-in button

User Samples / Storage Overview

Users can access SCSM to see their list of registered samples, their stored locations, and make requests for organization RR (retrieval requests) or SR (storage requests).

Asset / Samples Details

On the asset (sample) details screen users can see:

  • history of the registered asset
  • where it is stored now
  • last seen RFID time and location
  • breadcrumbs of all the detected RFID zones
  • previously stored locations
  • notes and previous photos
  • unauthorized zone alerts


RR – Retrieval Requests

Additionally, users can click the Retrieval request button, so that the organization fulfillment personnel can retrieve the sample for the user.

SR – Storage Requests

Users may click the Storage Request button so that the organization fulfillment team can store the sample.

Organization Retrieval Request and Storage Requests Services

SCSM offers a hybrid solution so that organizations can offer storage request and retrieval request services. 

All requests which are pending accommodation are displayed on live monitors (as-well-as on the fulfillment personnel tablets) to ensure they do not go unnoticed by fulfillment crews. Additionally, fulfillment crew are timed so that management can see the performance of how fulfillment personnel are performing.

The biggest additional added value of SCSM is that it is built-upon the Athena core platform capable of providing inventory management beyond just sample management. All the additional features of Athena are described below.

Athena is an all-in-one RFID software solution for printing, encoding, tracking, inventory, and automation, and uses hand-held / hands-free RFID readers. Designed on a scalable platform, Athena can run as a stand-alone as well integrate with any PM / EHR / ERP.

Athena is composed of two major software components: The web-based software Athena dashboard, and the Athena companion software designed to run on android RFID handheld RFID scanners

Most Common Benefits include:

  • Super-Fast & Accurate Inventory with RFID technology!
    Wirelessly read up to 10,000 inventory items in 11 Minutes!

  • Locate inventory quickly!
    By looking on the software map or using the hand-held RFID Geiger proximity finder.

  • RFID Transfer-Slips!
    Quickly scan-in 100s of inventory items and transfer them to another location.
  • Theft & Unauthorized Alerts!
    SMS, email, audio alert if someone walks out with unauthorized inventory.

  • Hands-Free RFID Inventory & Movement Detection / Logging / Automation
    Once RFID is enabled, everything becomes easy. Doing inventory cycle counts becomes a breeze — personnel can quickly walk around and wirelessly read inventory from a distance with their handheld RFID scanners at speeds of up to 900 items per second. Once inventory scanning is done, a simple click uploads the inventory to the Athena cloud dashboard, where the inventory can be compared to the PM / EHR / ERP inventory; another simple click pushes the corrected inventory back into the PM / EHR / ERP.  Finding specific inventory becomes super easy by using the mobile RFID Geiger proximity finder, or the software’s mapping visuals. Transfers between locations become fast and easy using the transfer-slip modules. Fixed RFID readers auto-detect inventory movement in between zones, as well as monitor the exits of unauthorized inventory leaving, which can trigger real-time alerts.

General RFID Benefits

Super-Fast & Accurate Inventory

Once organizations switch to RFID, doing inventory becomes easy. Organizations no longer have to shut down and get a crew of 10 people to do inventory; instead, do inventory as often as desired. Click the Start button, and scan in your inventory wirelessly with your mobile handheld RFID scanner for 30 minutes to a few hours. Then, push a button to upload to your Athena RFID inventory dashboard, compare, inspect, and address any discrepancies, and with a push of a button push your inventory into your PM / EHR / ERP to correct its quantities.

Quickly Locate Specific Inventory

With RFID technology is becomes super easy and fast to find any inventory item.  Organizations can find an item wirelessly using the handheld RFID scanner Geiger / proximity finder or look on the cloud dashboard map.

RFID Transfer-Slips

Creating transfer-slips between locations is now made super easy and fast with RFID technology.   Simply scan inventory wirelessly with your mobile handheld RFID scanner, select the destination location and submit. Athena RFID software automatically creates the transfer-slip for staff and allows them to print a transfer packing-list. In the destination location, the receiver uses a mobile handheld RFID scanner to pull up the transfer slip, and within seconds receives and validates the received goods, quickly highlights any missing items, and emails management if anything is missing.

Theft / Unauthorized Alerts!

The Senitron RFID solution is 100% compatible with Fixed RFID readers; organizations can install Fixed RFID readers at entrance / exit points to monitor incoming and outgoing inventory, and receive SMS / Email / Audio alerts if inventory leaves the premises that should not have. (If an item is sold, for example, it would be whitelisted to not set off an alert.)

Hands-Free Inventory & Movement Detection & Logging & Automation

Fixed RFID readers can be deployed in various areas, and especially choke points, to automatically detect, track, and log inventory locations. For example, in a retail or warehouse use case, the system would automatically know if the items were in zone A or zone B.   Additionally Fixed RFID readers can be installed in various areas, to repeatedly read inventory real-time all the time, and log asset movement. (e.g., log “movement zone a > zone b 2/1/2021 5:25pm”)

RFID labeling made easy!

Once organizations receive your RFID hardware, and labels, we schedule a remote session with your staff, to give organizations access to the software, configure & test & validate your RFID printing, and give the green light to start printing RFID labels for your existing inventory, as well as new inventory. Of course, our solution supports multiple methods of printing RFID labels, such as printing labels directly from your PM / EHR / ERP, or the Athena dashboard, bulk printing, or the mobile hand-held scan-to-print module.

Supported RFID Printing Methods:

Athena can enable printing from your PM / EHR / ERP Directly
  •  Athena RFID Inventory Web Dashboard
  •  Bulk Print (Athena Dashboard)
  •  Scan & Print Using Mobile Hand-held

Scan & Print Using Mobile Hand-held

(Preferred Printing Method by Most Users)

RFID label the existing inventory quickly by barcode scanning in the barcode on any inventory item. Instantly an RFID equivalent of the label prints out, and your staff apply it over the existing non-RFID label.

Shelf-Tag Support

Athena also supports shelf-tag inventory methods, for instances where it does not make sense to RFID label individual items, in which case, users can scan in the shelf barcode to confirm on shelf quantity or adjust the shelf tag quantity.

Athena Hand-Held RFID Software (Android OS app)

Works in conjunction with the Athena Web Dashboard

Athena Software Screenshots

Note:  the screenshot(s) below are examples. The software is unique configured for each client to show the desired fields, and to hide the irrelevant fields and data.


See and access your inventory in real-time. Know what your staff have, the quantity on-hand for a specific asset, and where it is located

Mapping Interface

Personnel can quickly find and locate items in a location by accessing the user-friendly” Digital Floor Plan” search module. Items are located, and circles are overlaid to reflect the location of the items.

Item Details

See the details of a specific assets and breadcrumbs of the history movements, status, first seen, last seen and more.

Multi- User / Multi-Location System

Fixed RFID Infrastructure Management

Quickly add 100s of fixed RFID readers on the cloud dashboard. Set their IP addresses, assign antennas to zones, and click Start to activate them. Health monitors will notify in case of concerns.

RFID Mapping technology – Floorplan Editor

Athena is one of the only solutions in the world with the easiest mapping technology, where users can quickly see where inventory is located with a floorplan space. Most amazingly it works with both fixed RFID readers and handheld RFID readers.

Admins can upload your floorplan images into the editor, drag the RFID sensors (or Marker RFID labels) to the desired location over the plan, and click Save. The next time when an asset is there (or last seen) it will highlight it in yellow.

User Management & Catalog Management

  • Define user roles
  • Give users access to any page organization desire or view access only.

Software Features

Inventory & Tracking
Real-time inventory quantities, current location, and movement history.
Print RFID Tags
Using the Senitron dashboard, or via Senitron’s plug-in which enables the any existing software to print RFID tags.
Visual Map View of Assets
See where the assets are located on the floorplan. (Easy 5-minute map setup!)
Encode RFID
Tags Encode RFID tags on an encoder pad, using the Senitron dashboard.
Visual Display of Misplaced Items
Senitron auto detects misplaced items, it shows organizations where they are, and where they need to be returned to.
Multi-User System
Create user roles, and provide access to specific pages and functions.
RFID Transfer Slips / Automatic Receiving
Become 400% more efficient by doing RFID transfer-slips. As shipments come in, they will be auto received and audited.
Automatic Transfer Slips
If assets are moved to another location without a transfer slip, the system auto detects the transfer and auto creates a slip.
Theft / Unauthorized Alerts
Assets which have not been sold, transferred-out, or white-listed, can set off an audio, SMS or email alert.

Access the inventory of all of your organization locations from the same dashboard.

Unauthorized Zone
Assets / Personnel detected in unauthorized zones can set off alerts.

Send-To Hand-Held & Geiger
With a push of a button on the dashboard, staff can send an item, or group of items to a hand-held RFID reader, so organizations can Geiger for them.

Automated Replenishment Alerts
Set the expected quantities, and receive real-time replenishment alerts.

Compare Inventory
Quickly see the details of the inventory discrepancies between your ERP, WHM, or POS, in comparison to the RFID inventory.

Many existing reports are available, and custom reports are accommodated quickly.

Cloud / Local Server
The solution is available on the cloud, and it is also available to be hosted locally.

Integrates easily with other software using API’s, and CSV files.

RFID Reader Management
Find, Configure, and launch your RFID readers from the cloud dashboard. Monitors and warns staff if any reader goes offline.

Catalog Sync App
Auto syncs catalog data from any external software with the Senitron software.


RFID Assistant App & Transfer-Slip App
This app allows organizations to practically use the Senitron solution with any software, without the need of integration


RFID 101

How does RFID Work?

The magic of RFID starts with the labels (” RFID” “Radio Frequency Identification”).   On the surface the labels look and feel like normal labels, but inside there is a super small RFID chip that can be read wirelessly with RFID readers from distances of up to 60 feet.

Assuming staff already print labels for your inventory, the best part about using RFID technology is that organizations don’t have to change any of existing process. Staff can continue to print labels as they do now, with only a small difference: the newly printed inventory labels are now RFID labels.

Simply replace your non-RFID labels and printer with RFID labels and printer, and staff are ready for the magic of RFID.

Handheld RFID vs Fixed RFID Technology

The concept of both handheld RFID scanners and fixed RFID is the same for the simple fact that they both read RFID inventory wireless from distance, however in practicality they are used differently and each has its own advantages. 

Handheld RFID –Normally is the easiest, fastest, most cost-effective way of adopting RFID to see the benefits of RFID. For a typical deployment does not require installation. Your staff simply ship the unit to a specific location and it can start being used to perform inventory, find items, make transfers, perform audits, etc.

Fixed RFID –Normally a bit more costly, and requires installation, and its strength is that the organizations install it once, turn it on, and it continuously reads, which is very useful for tracking inventory movement, automations, and setting off alerts of various kinds. Typically, fixed readers alone are not sufficient for most projects, and handheld RFID scanners are also needed to cover all edge-cases, therefore in most cases where hands-free RFID is desired, hybrid systems are most efficient. Additionally Fixed RFID installations in general have more requirements and considerations, and a professional RFID specialist needs to be involved to make sure installation is designed properly.

In short, we recommend that most clients new to RFID start with handheld RFID and then gradually add in fixed RFID.

Example of how RFID can be installed to monitor entrance / exits

Example of how RFID can be installed to monitor inventory and movement

Example of how RFID can be installed on a warehouse shelf

Example of how RFID can be installed on a warehouse shelf

Example of how RFID labels can be applied to bins

Photo of RFID Printer in a production environment

Example of RFD readers monitoring assets as they leave a building

Example of RFID tracking inventory movement

Example of employee using the handheld scanner to find / inventory