3PL receives instructions to pick & pack orders

Step 1 Carton Record

Scenario 1 – items and picked and inserted into cartons, and recorded while being inserted. 3PL selects orders and clicks and print all carton labels for the order. Labels are applied to cartons, and await the items to be picked and inserted. Pickers, pick the items, and as they are putting the items into the cartons use the mobile RFID scanner to RFID record each items unique RFID number against the carton #. 

Scenario 2 – pre-packaged cartons are picked and staged, so they can be recoded and validated using RFID. Using the mobile RFID scanner each carton is scanned, and next using RFID the items inside are validated and recorded against the carton #.

3PL receives instructions to palletize orders and prepare shipments to be picked up

Step 2 Pallet Build

Next the recorded cartons are scanned and palletized, and a pallet RFID label is printed and applied to the pallet.

Truck arrives to pick up shipment

Step 3 Ship

Warehouse employee walks up to the tablet next to the loading dock, inputs the shipment #, and clicks “start loading” The loading is monitored and recorded, and feedback is provided via on the tablet screen and the LED lights next to the Loading Dock. Exception alerts are provided if the shipment is over or under.