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System Modules and Highlights


  • Receiving Module
  • Return Module
  • Cycle Count Module
  • SO Staging Module
  • Shipping Module
  • Automated Tracking
  • More…


  • Work Order Module
  • WO Staging Module
  • Lot Cost Calculated
  • Variance Reasons
  • Reports And Analysis
  • More…


  • Electronic Scheduling
  • Electronic WO’s
  • Manage Direct Labor
  • Real Time Production
  • Reports & Analysis
  • More…


  • Assign Hold Codes
  • Disposal Approval
  • Reports & Analysis
  • More…


  • FIFO Violations
  • Unauthorized Activities
  • High Usage Variances
  • Short Shipping Customer
  • More…


  • Margin By Lot
  • Productivity Variance
  • Line Utilization
  • Usage Variance
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Shop Floor Monitor
  • More…

5/12/2021 – ERC Review by American Nuts CFO Nate Willits – Presented at RFID Journal Live

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System Details

Our solution stands out by combining RFID with proprietary Software resulting in an entire manufacturing facility using ERC’s unified platform to transact every action. From the personnel on the warehouse floor receiving purchase orders in ERC and applying RFID labels, to the production managers scheduling productions in ERC scheduler, the sales team checking RFID real-time inventory, order fulfilment crew using ERC to locate, pick and ship inventory, all the way to upper management being able to observe, analyze and make informative business decisions using ERC’s management dashboard.

Manufacturing Modules

Work Order Scheduling

Production schedulers can quickly pull up production calendar to view line utilization and activities and schedule new productions with a click of a button.

  • Production Status
  • Actual Qty Produced vs Goal
  • Direct Labor
  • Usage Variance %
  • Notes

Work Order Staging

Pickers can see the upcoming productions with items and quantities needed to start staging. All available items are sorted per FIFO and shown on the map. Management will receive an auto alert email if any FIFO violations occurred. Once staging is complete, the WO status in production calendar changes to “Staged and Ready”.

Work Order Labeling

  • As finished goods are produced, an employee inputs the details of the content of each pallet, then prints & applies RFID label to each pallet. This process automatically progresses the production until it is completed.
  • Management and crew have a “Live” view of what has been produced and what is pending.

Work Order Consumption / Closure

Once production is completed, an employee scans consumed RFID labels against WO. Material usage variance outside allowable percentages requires explanation. Management will receive an auto alert email if any consumed items were not a part of BOM or allowable substitutions.


Inventory On-Hand

Employees can easily browse through total inventory and filter as needed.Each RFID inventory tag has a story. Anyone can add a note or see how and when it was created, movement history to current location, when and how it was consumed or sold, etc.

Selected item detail will show current total quantity available on-hand after deducting quality hold, expired and allocated quantities, as well as expected production, consumption, and purchase order quantities, and RFID last-seen location/date/time. “Show Subs” button will display all available substitutions.

Warehousing Modules


Purchase Order & Returns

Receive Purchase Orders

  • Receiving personnel can quickly and accurately receive goods against purchase orders. System prompts to enter relevant information including # of pallets and # of cases per pallet.  After math validation is confirmed, system allows to print labels.

  • Once RFID labels are printed and read by overhead RFID sensors, they are ready to be attached completing the receiving process.  ERC’s proprietary receiving module eliminates 99% of human errors.

Receive Returns
Quickly process returns against sales orders. ERC auto loads the previously sold items and allows user to input the total amount returned.  The returned items are RFID labeled and put back into inventory with quality hold status. Quality department is automatically notified.

Order Fulfillment

ERC has two options for order fulfillment: Sales Order Picking  and Quick-Ship module.

Sale Order Picking

  • The general sales order fulfillment module follows a pipeline approach where orders to be fulfilled are assigned or self-assigned to be picked. Assign > Packing > Inspect & Approve > Ship
  • Pickers fulfilling orders are guided by FIFO and pointed by RFID to last-seen location. Management will receive an auto alert email if any FIFO violations occurred.
  • Once picked and staged, supervisor can inspect and approve shipping. ERC generates customized BOL, and once the order is shipped, supervisor approves it for billing.
  • Displays can be mounted around the facility to show the order fulfillment teams progress and activities in real-time.  Stats are available to show if personnel is picking FIFO, speed of SKU’s per minute, and more.  

RFID Quick Ship

  • The quick ship module is ideal for quickly loading up a truck with 50+ pallets. RFID reader reads label on each pallet, marks item as sold and prints out BOL (emails BOL to management and the client.)
  • RFID on pallets can be read automatically as they are loaded into the truck or RFID papers can be read quickly under a wall-mounted mounted RFID reader.

Quality Control & Disposal

Quality Control

  • ERC quality hold module allows QA to easily place product on hold and create Quality Hold ID number. Quality hold tag is printed and applied to each pallet.
  • If product on quality hold is used by personnel in warehouse or production, management will receive an auto alert email notifying of QA hold violation.
  • When quality hold issue is resolved, the inventory is released, otherwise, it is marked for disposal.


  • ERC disposal module allows QA create Inventory Destruction ID number and request approval. Depending on the dollar value threshold, appropriate manager will be notified for approval or rejection.

Executive Dashboard

 Monitor Sales Margins

Actual to Forecast by Salesperson
Actual to Forecast by Sales Category
Actual to Forecast by Customer
On-Time Delivery by Sales Order
Period End Projected Variance

Monitor Shop Floor

Material Usage Variance
Line Utilization
Work Order Status
Staging Status
FIFO Violations
Not Allowable Substitutions

Monitor Inventory

Aged Inventory by Category
Expired and Future Expiring
Tags with Accuracy Concerns
On-Hold and Hold Violations
Disposed and Pending Disposal

Advanced Features

Item Master | Catalog Management | UOM Support

  • Organizations can quickly add new items the item master through the catalog management screen.
  • ERC support conversions based on Units of Measure, so you can quickly define conversion between pallets to cases, to each’s, or lbs. to kg. and more.


  • Define production BOM acceptable substitution.
  • Define acceptable sales substitutions.


RFID Reader Management & Monitoring

  • Manage 1000’s of Fixed RFID readers from one cloud dashboard. Quickly sniff our reader IP’s, click to add a reader, test a reader, and start the reader. Assign each antenna to a zone.  
  • Health Alerts – Automated health check system emails when hardware issues are detected from any reader and or antenna. Tech can troubleshoot readers all from the same unified cloud dashboard. 

User Management & User Roles

  • Define User Roles, and give access to specific pages, and / or modules as desired, or simple read only access. Additionally, control what functions are possible on the hand-held RFID scanners.
  • Give users access one or more locations. Simply enter the user information, and select the user role.
  • All user activities are logged and accessible under user access logs.

Floorplan Editor

Floorplan images can quickly be uploaded, in any common image format, and next RFID readers & antenna can quickly be dragged onto the positions on the floorplan, and completed with a simple save function.


All locations can be accessed from one unified software dashboard. 


Deployment Diagram

  • Hardware: Fixed RFID readers, RFID Printers, Hand Held RFID Printers, Tablets

Deployment Photos

Software Features Summary

Inventory & Tracking
Real-time inventory quantities, current location, and movement history.
Print RFID Tags
Using the Senitron dashboard, or via Senitron’s plug-in which enables the any existing software to print RFID tags.
Visual Map View of Assets
See where the assets are located on the floorplan. (Easy 5-minute map setup!)
Encode RFID
Tags Encode RFID tags on an encoder pad, using the Senitron dashboard.
Visual Display of Misplaced Items
Senitron auto detects misplaced items, it shows you where they are, and where they need to be returned to.
Multi-User System
Create user roles, and provide access to specific pages and functions.
RFID Transfer Slips / Automatic Receiving
Become 400% more efficient by doing RFID transfer-slips. As shipments come in, they will be auto received and audited.
Automatic Transfer Slips
If assets are moved to another location without a transfer slip, the system auto detects the transfer and auto creates a slip.
Theft / Unauthorized Alerts
Assets which have not been sold, transferred-out, or white-listed, can set off an audio, SMS or email alert.

Access the inventory of all of your organization locations from the same dashboard.

Unauthorized Zone
Assets / Personnel detected in unauthorized zones can set off alerts.

Send-To Hand-Held & Geiger
With a push of a button on the dashboard, you can send an item, or group of items to a hand-held RFID reader, so you can Geiger for them.

Automated Replenishment Alerts
Set the expected quantities, and receive real-time replenishment alerts.

Compare Inventory
Quickly see the details of the inventory discrepancies between your ERP, WHM, or POS, in comparison to the RFID inventory.

Exporting reports is as easy as 1-2-3. Custom reports can be accommodated with minimal one-time fees

Cloud / Local Server
The solution is available on the cloud, and it is also available to be hosted locally.

The system supports integration with other systems using API calls, CSV exchanges, and any other requested method. Print / Encode RFID Tags Print or Encode RFID tags on the fly using the Athena dashboard or the organizations’ existing ERP / WHM / POS software.

RFID Reader Management
Find, Configure, and launch your RFID readers from the cloud dashboard. Monitors and warns you if any reader goes offline.

Catalog Sync App
Auto syncs catalog data from any external software with the Senitron software.


RFID Assistant App & Transfer-Slip App
This app allows you to practically use the Senitron solution with any software, without the need of integration