29 09, 2023

How much does ELC cost?


The annual license fee is $44,500. The monthly service charge is $3,500.

How much does ELC cost?2023-10-04T05:09:13+00:00
29 09, 2023

How does the 30-day free trial work?


Hardware Set Up: Your company will receive a hardware package containing one portable RFID station (RFID reader mounted to a portable table), one tablet and 100 printed RFID labels. Our [...]

How does the 30-day free trial work?2023-09-29T07:31:45+00:00
29 09, 2023

What is a “typical” return on investment (ROI)?


The estimated cost savings are around 15% of the company's annual expenditure on direct labor. However, a study by Nucleus Research found that for every $1 spent on labor monitoring [...]

What is a “typical” return on investment (ROI)?2023-09-29T07:30:45+00:00
29 09, 2023

Is ELC a standalone system?


Yes, ELC is a standalone system, but it can be integrated with other systems if necessary.

Is ELC a standalone system?2023-09-29T07:30:22+00:00
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