Our Team


Kambiz Saghezi
Founder / CEO

A visionary entrepreneur and distinguished designer, Kambiz Saghezi has a rich background in crafting exclusive jewelry and fashion apparel for both celebrities and the general public. His journey into the world of RFID technology began when a business associate recommended Senitron® as a venture that matched his zest for innovation. With no prior technical experience, Kambiz embraced the challenge wholeheartedly. He quickly recognized the transformative potential of the Senitron® Solution for the retail sector. Investing his resources and energy, he developed and introduced a prototype that revolutionized retail floor management through seamless, hands-free automation. Kambiz is renowned for his integrity and his ability to turn grand visions into reality, consistently delivering on his commitments with unparalleled creativity and drive.

Joe Saghezi

Joe Saghezi brings a comprehensive suite of skills to his role as COO / CTO of Senitron®, with a prolific background that spans RFID item-level tracking, enterprise software development, algorithm creation, as well as sales and marketing. His vast expertise in technology informs his leadership across all operational aspects of the company, including project management, software architecture, and hardware innovation. Joe is often described as the “Swiss Army knife” of Senitron®, due to his multifaceted role encompassing lead design and project management for both software and hardware initiatives, alongside overseeing sales strategies and project implementations. His educational background in Telecommunications Management and practical experience make him a pivotal force in driving Senitron® toward future innovations and success.


Nassim Bayat

Nassim Bayat, with a solid foundation in electrical engineering, embarked on his professional journey in Louisville, Kentucky, spending the first six years of his career with a leading national Material Handling Company. There, he skillfully managed projects from their initial planning stages through to successful completion. His expertise and entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found Alliant Technologies Company, a Louisville-based firm specializing in Material Handling Automation Systems. Since its inception in 2005, Alliant Technologies has carved a niche in the industry, notably engineering projects for major clients like the UPS World Hub, among various other significant freight, parcel, and baggage handling projects. Under his leadership, the company has grown to employ over 100 professionals. As CFO of Senitron®, Nassim brings a wealth of experience in technology and business management, significantly enhancing the company’s strategic financial planning and operational efficiency.

Harisankar Poomuttam
Sr. Software Developer 

Harisankar Poomuttam brings over 15 years of extensive experience in software development to his role at Senitron®. Widely recognized in the industry, he is renowned for his expertise and has been invited to speak at numerous Ruby on Rails (ROR) conferences worldwide. Harisankar’s profound knowledge and innovative approach significantly contribute to Senitron’s software development endeavors, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving demands of the market.

Masoud Z.
Sr. Software Developer 

Masoud PouZahmatkesh serves as Senitron’s senior software developer and leads the software team with over two decades of experience in development and a strong background in technology. His extensive expertise spans various domains, contributing to the innovation and refinement of Senitron’s cutting-edge solutions. Masoud’s leadership and technical acumen play a pivotal role in driving the company’s software development initiatives forward, ensuring the delivery of robust and scalable software solutions to meet the evolving needs of Senitron’s clientele.