Inventory & Tracking
Real-time inventory quantities, current location, and movement history.
Print RFID Tags
Using the Senitron dashboard, or via Senitron’s plug-in which enables the any existing software to print RFID tags.
Visual Map View of Assets
See where the assets are located on the floorplan. (Easy 5-minute map setup!)
Encode RFID
Tags Encode RFID tags on an encoder pad, using the Senitron dashboard.
Visual Display of Misplaced Items
Senitron auto detects misplaced items, it shows you where they are, and where they need to be returned to.
Multi-User System
Create user roles, and provide access to specific pages and functions.
RFID Transfer Slips / Automatic Receiving
Become 400% more efficient by doing RFID transfer-slips. As shipments come in, they will be auto received and audited.
Automatic Transfer Slips
If assets are moved to another location without a transfer slip, the system auto detects the transfer and auto creates a slip.
Theft / Unauthorized Alerts
Assets which have not been sold, transferred-out, or white-listed, can set off an audio, SMS or email alert.

Access the inventory of all of your organization locations from the same dashboard.

Unauthorized Zone
Assets / Personnel detected in unauthorized zones can set off alerts.

Send-To Hand-Held & Geiger
With a push of a button on the dashboard, you can send an item, or group of items to a hand-held RFID reader, so you can Geiger for them.

Automated Replenishment Alerts
Set the expected quantities, and receive real-time replenishment alerts.

Compare Inventory
Quickly see the details of the inventory discrepancies between your ERP, WHM, or POS, in comparison to the RFID inventory.

Many existing reports are available, and custom reports are accommodated quickly.

Cloud / Local Server
The solution is available on the cloud, and it is also available to be hosted locally.

Integrates easily with other software using API’s, and CSV files.

RFID Reader Management
Find, Configure, and launch your RFID readers from the cloud dashboard. Monitors and warns you if any reader goes offline.

Catalog Sync App
Auto syncs catalog data from any external software with the Senitron software.


RFID Assistant App & Transfer-Slip App
This app allows you to practically use the Senitron solution with any software, without the need of integration