Retailers all over the world are benefiting from Senitron’s RFID technology; there are a wide array of choices, such as hand-held RFID inventory scanning / reading, as well as hybrid solutions with fixed hands-free RFID for an entire location, or checkpoints that may exist or sales floor and back stock. The solution can be used with any POS such as Lightspeed POS, Retail Pro, or Counter Point.

Hand-Held RFID Solution for Retailers

The #1 benefit of RFID for retailer is that it enables inventory cycle counts to become 2800% faster than any other count method. It is the simplest, fastest, and most cost effective way to attain this benefit. Simply start applying RFID labels, and use hand-held RFID scanners as often as desired to count the inventory. The inventory counts can be synced into any POS; the POS quantities can be downloaded into the RFID for comparison before being synced back into the POS software. The solution is compatible with all POS software, such as LightSpeed, Retail Pro, and Counter-Point.

Hybrid Hand-Held RFID + Hands-Free RFID

Once a retail organization has adapted to using RFID for conducting inventory using hand-held RFID scanning, the next evolution for the technology is added. The involves adding fixed RFID sensors to important areas, such as sensors in the back-stock to sales floor pathways so that the system can distinguish when items move from one zone to another, which can help set off replenishment alerts. Fixed RFID readers, can be added to the exits, to distinguish when items leave the premises and to assist in theft alerts. Some retailers also prefer to cover the entire insides of the retail space with sensors that can live track items inside and provide real-time mapping as things move around, which is desirable for large space retailers.

Solution Brief Summary

One of the first steps to going RFID is to start using and printing RFID product labels, instead of normal non-RFID labels.   Using the simple and intuitive Senitron RFID platform, users can encode/print RFID labels of the fly. The RFID labels (aka RFID tags) will each have an item number,

FAQ – RFID Labels – Selecting & Ordering

What are the major differences between RFID tags? RFID tags can be in the form of lower-cost sticker labels, hangtags, or in solid robust (higher cost) forms. One of the first steps to going RFID is to start using and printing RFID product labels, instead of normal non-RFID labels…….

Understanding RFID Technology

The field of view is 59 degrees, similar to a flashlight, and similar to the shape of a cone. The closer RFID tags are to the antenna the more power they absorb, and the better communication they will have with the antenna. Senitron approved tags usually read from 25-35 feet distance, depending on the size of the label…

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